Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mercy's Nap

Mercy, at the age of 3 is not in need of a nap every day. I should clarify that. She doesn't need to sleep during nap time every day. Right now, and for the past couple years, all my kids have naps or rests or whatever you want to call them between 1pm and 3pm every afternoon. They all seem to accept and enjoy this as a necessary part of their day. I think Mercy is really enjoying the fact that she is now old enough to be allowed to read books during her rest. (This means she is responsible enough not to spend her nap ripping them up as she has in the past.) But occaisionally she does fall asleep after reading her books.

If she sleeps too long, she makes trouble in the kids' room at bedtime by not being quite tired enough to settle down right away. (This kind of trouble: Mercy stood on her bed railing the other night after "lights out" to look out the window which is a no-no. She got stuck there because her hair was caught on a hook for the curtains and stood there crying until we removed her from that position...natural consequences, I guess.) So as often as she does fall asleep during her nap, I have the pleasure of waking her sleepy, rosy cheeked self up at about 3:15pm.

And this is how I found her the other day... with Tigger in his jammies... her head on the "ibis book" from the library... her feet in some shoes she wasn't wearing before her nap...

Tigger, you look so cozy there.


Ells said...

Oh! She is SO cute! I love how tightly she is holding Tigger!

amy said...

Oh man! I love rosy cheeked, sweaty, sleepy preschoolers and babies! Nothing better.

I meant to tell you: on our last blog post, you must have been commenting while I was editing because your comment was not there when I started and it was after you had left your comment. Here is why I care to tell you this: I made sure to change Mike's mention of a "bear" in Mercy's arms to "fuzzy tigger." Just wanted you to know that I remembered that detail albeit a bit too late.

Rebecca M said...

Amy- That's funny- I noticed that change too! When I re-read your blog, I thought, "Wait, I'm sure it said 'bear' before..."

Good ol' Fuzzy Tigger. ;)

Gigi said...