Friday, May 22, 2009

What have we been doing?

So we were gone for five days or so in April and then we were gone last weekend for three.

During that time, mice have taken residence in our house.

We've spent most of the week locating horrid mouse poop in various parts of the house. Window sills, in the computer desk, kitchen counters. Especially horrid in the BABY's room. Poor Josiah. Yuck.

Then we've been cleaning up said poop and finding new fresh poop in the morning. In the same places.

Bob and I spent one evening cleaning up the house without speaking to eachother because of a disagreement about the mouse poop.

Then we spent another whole evening filling in all the holes in the house with spray foam. (Thankfully, we were speaking this time.) There are lots of holes-our house was constructed with rodents and many other animal and insect pests in mind- specifically, to make them feel welcome. We placed poison and laid traps.

One night went by and nothing... well not nothing. There was a lot less poop found around the house after plugging up the holes.

Then, this morning, victory!!

Bob caught one mouse in the spin trap! And now he's in the garbage, in the spin trap, in a million little pieces. (Actually, we know he's dead, but since we don't really know how the trap works, we don't know how many pieces he's in.)

Now, I know that it's likely that this mouse has family members that have also been using our house for shelter so I'm mentally prepared for more rodent battle.

Kind of.

I have to admit that dealing with this sudden infestation has pretty much pushed me over the edge. It might also be that having a broken washing machine at the same time is "too much". Or maybe the fact that I'm 25 weeks pregnant- I have more energy than I did when I was in my first trimester, so thankful for that- but I can't seem to remain vertical for long without, well, without becoming pretty uncomfortable. I expect this at 30 weeks and beyond but at 25?

I am reminded and comforted by God's ability to bear these burdens for me.

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation."Psalm 68:19

I'm off to make cookies in a very clean kitchen.

Thanks to all this mice hoopla, we've actually been taking the time to make sure the kitchen is spotless and crumb-free before we retire for the night. And last night, Bob did all of the sweeping and tidying up without me as I rested on the couch.


megan said...

When the washing machine is broken you should not have to deal with ANYTHING else! Though I do believe we are not given more than we can handle, I guess God got the message that you're one tough lady! Congrats on catching the one's a start!

Jodi said...

Oh no!!! Oh I'm so sorry Rebecca. That is so horrible. But yes, God will bear it.

A couple months ago we had a carpenter ant problem that left the kids and I in a hotel room, and my husband spending half the day under our house. I was at my absolute wits end, so I can identify with how burdensome those pests can be. Although mice??? That really is a bit of a different story.

You should definitely eat an extra couple cookies tonight. :)

amy said...

When I first told Mike about this he said, "you would die about that amy!" Of course not really, but I really, really feel bad for you to have to be dealing with this Rebecca.

And having trouble being vertical at 25 weeks... --you know I understand.

I will keep on praying for you. God is in charge of the mice and the gravity/sixth pregnancy in 6 years effect on a woman's body. He is the one I will ask to help you.

Love you friend!

Carla said...

Hopefully that little rodent will be it ! It is amazing how much damage and poop one mouse can leave.
I agree with the above comment about the gravity. My baby #4 was a lot more uncomfortable than the other ones. I always seemed to be really uncomfortable during my pregnancies but that last one was down right painful at times. It felt like he was going to fall out anytime. Plus you have a houseful of kids to chase wonder your tired!

Stacy said...

Oh, Rebecca.
This would push me right over the edge, too.

Love you, weary Rebecca. I am praying for you, and thankful the mouse poop has subsided!


Ells said...

I love you too! This mouse-poo saga reminds me of coming back to our N Forest home for our second year there. Remember how mice had gotten into all our things and left poo and dead mouse-lings squashed between your books? I remember you carrying them around. Or maybe it was Maile. Anyway, the lasting legacy from those mice turned out to be fleas, which drove me crazy. I was so mad every time I lay in bed and got itchy! You wrote me a sweet note that I still have somewhere, sympathizing and encouraging me not to give in to being so angry with the fleas. :) Angry with fleas. Gracious.

Anyway, this mouse poo thing is much worse than the fleas, but I hope you have caught the only one there was, and that he was just one big, mobile pooper. :)