Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're back...

...and we're a little tired.

And we have a big day tomorrow because it's our very last day of homeschool co-op for the school year!

To clarify, we are back from a weekend away that we thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, Mercy asked me several times today during our longish car ride, "Mommy, can we go see Grammy Carol too-mR-yo?"

I'm hoping to share pictures and laughs from our time there soon but for now I must stop blogging.

I have important things to think about and here they are in no particular order:

- Are the mice, who left their droppings on several window sills of our house, still living, even after consuming the poison treats we left for them?
-If they are decomposing somewhere in the house, am I going to find them in the morning while I'm trying to get ready for co-op?
-What can I do to prevent Josiah from finding either dead mice or their tiny dried pieces of poo?

I leave you all (all 4 of you!) with these thoughts and say goodnight.

P.S. Yes, that is Josiah, sucking on his Elephant while trying to stay awake on a large stuffed elephant ride.


Ells said...

He's so big!

I hope your mice dashed outside to find water and are not decomposing in your house.

Carla said...

I feel for your mouse frustrations! We have had a lot of mouse troubles in this house in the past. Two summers ago we put on new siding and found and sealed up all the mouse highways...there was a surprising amount of holes once we tore off the old wood siding. Since then NO MICE! Yahoo! I hate those little vermon. They are so violating and gross. At one point I was finding little "mice rice" on my pillow...sometimes in the morning...eww. That about put me out of my sanity for good. I remember sitting out in the living room at night nursing and hearing them in the room or seeing them scurry across the floor. I developed an over active jump reflex. I had a whole trapline set throughout the house and would obsessively check it first thing everymorning. So much for "poor cute mice"...I have never wanted something to die so bad in my life!! :) I swore they were laughing at me while they licked the peanut butter off of the traps every night without setting them off. The scary part is we used to have only "field mice" around here but now we have mostly "deer mice" as in Hanta Virus. That frazzled me.

I hope your little unwelcome guests have died outside your walls somewhere. And warned all their little friends about the hazards before they died.!

p.s we found that the container traps worked good. Especially with little kiddie fingers around. We would even stick them up in the basement panel ceiling where they would run around. We caught a lot with those catch and release for these mice though.