Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Recap

The Obstacle Course

The Food


This is what I get when I say: Look Serious. Most of the fireworks we saw came from a group of people detonating thousands of dollars worth of explosives illegally in my inlaws undeveloped neighborhood. They were camped out where those little white dots are above Mercy's head. It was awesome!


Michael, his s'more and the loud boom

Firework Time
Mercy prefers sleeping to loud fireworks

Happy Independence Day!


Ells said...

Your kids' faces are so precious! That photo of Mercy under the tree is frame-worthy. :) LOVE the expression on Michael's face combined with the long s'more string!

Carla said...

Great pictures! Looks like a super fun get the kids worn out day :)

Gigi said...

Nice job involving some activity in the holiday. I mean, organized activity. Although I have to say I'm surprised the kids made it to firework-o'clock with all that running around. We have yet to actually watch live fireworks with kids. Though, this year we could feel them in our place!