Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jamie James

It's time to do a little updating on how our little kindergarten grows. I used to make notes to myself in my journals on how each child was progressing and changing at each new stage. Rather than dig out a journal and feel the pressure to fill in all that has happened since I last wrote in it, I'll happily record it here minus that pressure-y feeling. I would probably have to start with James' birth story or maybe even Josiah's.

It's been a long time since I've written in those journals!

I think I'll start with the littlest sprout, James. 

At 9.5 months, James is on the cusp of toddlerhood.  No longer a sleepy newborn, he begins to have a little boy look about him. He crawls after his siblings and "crumb hunts" under the kitchen table. He pulls himself up at the playtable and babbles at the big boys while they remove the Lego choking hazards from his reach. He sleeps contentedly all night and through most of his 2-3 naps during the day. He is SO relaxed.

His big goofy teeth fill his little chubby mouth. James joins us for most meals at the table but still nurses as often as he did at 5 months of age; four times during the day. For all the yummy food he eats, he sure doesn't make us change many diapers. Where is it all going, James? You don't seem uncomfortable but sometimes I wonder about your personal habits!

James' days are filled with an outpouring of affection from his brothers but mainly from Mercy. She runs for a burp cloth when he spits up, feeds him at the table and wipes him with a washcloth when he's all done. She is generally apart from him only when I separate them for naps or for some other reason. Usually that other reason is to give James some... space. I'm thankful for her devotion to him and for the view I have, watching their relationship grow. I wonder what you will be like, James, as a big boy, with this mini-Mommy as your big sister?

I'm going to miss your baby stages, James! I know you aren't a big boy yet but it sure seems like you are growing and changing so fast...

 We love you, Jamie James!


Mike said...

"Oh yummy!" That is what I say when I see pictures of James.

And, he doesn't look like the other kids to me. He has his own look. How fun!

What a sweetie. So many things that you wrote remind me of my baby guy. I can't wait to get them together. Soon?

amy said...

Oh, no! It's not Mike who says "yummy," it's me!

Oops, sorry.

Gigi said...

He IS relaxed isn't he? It seems to go by even faster the more kids you have. How does that work? We love you too Sweet Baby James (and will probably call you that even after you're officially not a baby anymore).