Sunday, July 18, 2010

Little Jo Part 2

Change the list of requirements back there at the end of my last post just a little for each child and mulitply by five children and you get a picture of the expectations for parenting on any given day of the week in our family. It's kind of mind numbing when I think of it that way. 

So I don't. And I'm not here to say that I just take it one day at a time and it will all work out in the end. The kids will be fine, right?  

I guess I just don't get a sense of peace from that kind of reasoning when I'm faced daily with my lack of self control while in the misdst of training my child in self control.

When I consider all that Josiah and his brothers and sister need from me daily, it's sad to me that I so often choose to kind of check out after bedtime rather than to recharge for the coming day with time in the Word or prayer or extra sleep, even. I don't think those are the only downtime activities allowed for a busy mom.  But I see my need for digging deeper into what God has for me for wisdom, patience, perseverance, gentleness, self-control, a cheery spirit... and when that quiet moment comes, I fill it with something else.  Honestly, I tend to swing from shock and awe at my sin and how it affects my family to an indifference stemming from the lie that if I just get more "time alone" to veg or shop or eat chocolate or have adult conversations, I'll deal with that whining/sulking/tired child better next time.

This post is still about Josiah... Don't worry. 

Josiah is one of my many little reminders of my need to soak up God's promises to me, daily, so I can pass them on to him.

I love you, Jo! See! I found your smile- I knew it was there somewhere! We'll get through this rough spot, Buddy!


Our Four Kids said...

Maybe Josiah needs a little playdate with Trevor...what do you think?

D. Lee Grooms said...

God uses your family to encourage us so much—not because of perfection, but because we see so much of Him and His faithfulness in who you are to one another.

Carolynn said...

Your Honesty is refreshing! It is such a short season that we are in right now. Really all we have to do is teach them to LOVE God, Love learning and love each other. What better way than by you showing your love to them~Sounds easy enough. I will pray for encouragement for you. Blessings.